Random Linkages Are Not Random

Matthew works in a company with over 6000 employees, most of whom work on location with the client. He knows his company needs to channel the knowledge the employees have, to get a competitive advantage.

Of course, he doesn't see his colleagues. So sharing his ideas on this subject is not easy.

Matthew is on one of the LinkedIn groups I'm on. He shared his idea in the group. I responded and let him know I love talking with people about how to develop organizational capacity by utilizing the social capital they have on hand.

Matthew called me and we had a conversation. Then I remembered that some of his colleagues are having a conversation with someone else I know outside the company, about establishing a network. I linked them up with each other.

There is nothing random in this story.  Matthew was deliberately looking for ways of linking knowledge within his organization.  So were his colleagues. Through social networks they found each other.

Importantly, Matthew stated what he needed. Without that, he would still be wondering how to get started.

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