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Our favourite websites are about how people work with people to create successful enterprises. Take Tribal Leadership, leveraging natural groups to build a thriving organization. Or the Civil Society initiative to work out together how to create a civil society that is accountable to the people we are working for, accountable to the societies we aim to benefit. We are inspired by Twitter, that makes it easy for politicians from one party to listen and appreciate politicians from other parties, because in 140 characters we can say things that are important, that show who we are.

We have a team of people ready to work with you to reach your goals with less money and more people.

Our favourite contracts are with organizations that want to benefit from the knowledge of other organizations, or who want to find the layers of knowledge often buried within their own organization.

Inquisitive organizations move faster and benefit more from finding out
- who they know
- who those people know
- how all these people benefit from being seen, being heard, being consulted, being acknowledged.

Lin McDevitt-Pugh, owner of NetSHEila
phone (+31) 6 150 48468

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