Wiki Management: Peer to Peer Beats Top Down Hierarchies

Rod Collins recently published a book on leadership. It is called ‘Leadership in a Wiki World’. The essential thesis of the book is that in our new digital age, which we have been in for about a decade or two, the technologies we use will require a significant transformation in the management technologies of the way we run businesses. This is because networks are now smarter and faster than hierarchies.The book outlines a new management model which Rod thinks is emerging more quickly than many of us realize. He calls it Wiki Management. Other people have other names for it. What is important is the fact that this new management model is based on a networked model, rather than a hierarchical model. As a result, the primary relationships in this new model are Peer to Peer, rather than top down.
Read more about it in a blog post by Dustin Mattison.
Kinaxis Supply Chain Expert Community: Dustin Mattison's Blog: Wiki Management: Peer to Peer Beats Top Down Hierarchies

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