Getting Started with Triads

NetSHEila's newest program is the Triad Leadership Program. With a number of people we have developed the contours of a program that we envisage will last for a year. On 24 October we will put it to the experts, the people who will join the program, and invite them to shape it with us.

NetSHEila is committed to working with organizations to get the most out of networks. We are also committed to workplaces being spaces in which people can be themselves, 100% of the time.

Triads - well, let Dave Logan explain what they are in this TED Talk.

Triads are powerful, three person networks. Powerful, because the network of three is operating at two levels.

  • Triads create good relationships. This has to be one of the most important assets a company can have."Everyone has informal networks, and informal networks are the operating system of every enterprise out there. Yet surprisingly few organizations and knowledge workers seem to understand the dynamics of their informal networks and harness their abilities." He continues: "Since good relationships are much more likely to lead to transactions and value being created than bad or non-existing relationships, businesses necessarily need to focus much more on building and nurturing relationships than they do today. Relationships need to be treated as the foundation for all value creation in a business. Organizations need to shift focus from being purely transaction-oriented to become more relationship-oriented. This in turn requires a corresponding shift away from the currently dominating one-way and transaction-oriented communication to a richer, more personalized, honest and transparent two-way communication with customers and other stakeholders as well as internally within the workforce."
  • Triads are a perfect learning space. Triads occur naturally - a team-a coach-a player. A teacher-a student-a school.  Two parents and a child. A marriage: two people and a community that promises to support their union. Triads provide the opportunity to learn together, because there is trust, there is a shared goal and there is commitment.

Triads can change the world. Particularly if there are a few of them, all working on the same issue. Our program is about introducing some quite simple measures to level the playing field for all employees. It is about diversity management.

If you would like to come to the project start-up event, please write to admin@netsheila.com and we will give you the details.

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