David Logan on Tribal Leadership

Tribal Leadership is finding its way into business vocabulary, and for good reason. The ideas behind Tribal Leadership are a cornerstone to understanding how people connect, and how businesses can get the most out of the fact that their employees are human and are connected to other people. To provide the value of Trbal Leadership to our clients, NetSHEila is trained in delivering  the wisdom of Tribal Leadership in the business context.

Watch this TED Talk to get a background on what Tribal Leadership is about.

Also visit CultureSync and  rework365 for  background information.

In the work NetSHEila does with clients, we first establish establish triads, stable relationships between three people that help each person focus on delivering something in the world that is bigger than anything they can produce on their own. Triads can be formed between peers, between network participants, between stakeholders. As long as people are willing to share the mystery of how we make things work, and are inquisitive, the level in the organization does not matter. What matters is that you share with the other triad members what your values are, what excites and ignites you.

Stable partnerships based on three people rather than two, are the key to creating a productive culture.


Lin McDevitt-Pugh

Lin has 20 years experience working as a consultant, initiator and manager of large international projects. She has worked in the publishing industry, in NGOs with a gender focus and as an independent consultant in Australia, Europe and Africa.
To engage in a conversation on how NetSHEila and Lin McDevitt-Pugh can contribute to your work, call Lin on  +31 (0) 615048468 or write to mcdevit-pugh@netsheila.com.


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