Institutions vs. Collaboration - You Can't Hire Everyone

It is six or seven years since Flickr changed the way we share and find photo's online. Clay Shirky in this TED Talk argues that Flickr is a model for a new way of organizing that was reasonably new in 2005 and is still new in 2012. The model is: bring people into your work flow. Not just people you employ, but people they know and people that those people know. The most valuable contribution to a project could well come from someone not officially on your team.

This makes sense. Think of all the times you have taken a work problem home and talked about it, and in that conversation solutions arise. Or you talked about a great concept with friends, and, drawing on their experience, you improved the concept dramatically.

Seen in that light, your ability to engage the people you know and the people they know in your work is a measure of your value to your business.

NetSHEila helps you discover how to work to get the most out of the vast group of people who are not on staff yet are available to your organization. Get in touch with us and learn how your company can benefit from the resources at your finger tips - and how to access them.

Enjoy this TED Talk.

Lin McDevitt-Pugh
Founder, NetSHEila

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