Engineer Your Weak Ties

Facebook has just released a study on how the vast majority of information that we get through Facebook comes from contacts we interact with infrequently.

These infrequent connections are called, in network jargon, Weak Ties. Mark Granovetter has been sharing his research into weak ties since 1973. The value of weak ties has always been amazing - but with social media products like Facebook and LinkedIn their value to you has increased stupendously. The people you talk to every day are unlikely to bring something unusual into a project unless they are connected to someone else whose ideas are novel to you. These distant contacts can act as a powerful medium for sharing new ideas, highlighting new products and discussing current events.

NETSHEILAtrains individuals and groups to make use of all those weak ties. Weak ties are great companions in fundraising strategies, communications strategies and in strengthening the supporter base for projects you are working on. They are part of your competitive advantage - they give you unique people in your team with unique skills and unique systems.

NETSHEILA combines knowledge of how social networking works with great strategic management skills to get you working more efficiently with your resources. You will get better results and spend less money doing so.

Contact Lin McDevitt-Pugh to talk about how weak ties can improve your organizations' results, with greater ease.

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